Wednesday, November 26, 2014


I think of this time of year when I hear the term, "Uncorked".
Today, I want to talk about Adele Bruno's new pattern, Uncorked.

I love this pattern.  It is similar to Mooka, with a couple major differences that make Uncorked unique.  One, Uncorked is started and finished at the same spot making all of the tines closed unlike Mooka.  Two, the tines (arms) are drawn with a narrow top which -- in my opinion, gives it a great look.

I have played around with Uncorked and want to share some of my work using it..  I love the way it works in the round!

 I used Uncorked as the center for this Zendala.

 This next picture shows Uncorked drawn in the center of the star I mentioned on yesterday's blog.  I used a Sukara glitter gel pen to color.  Doesn't the pattern make a beautiful drawing?  This picture was taken before the star was folded.

 This is the folded star.
I find Uncorked to be very versatile.

To see more uses of Uncorked, go to Adele's web site Tickled to Tangle to view the tiles here in It's a String Thing #62

Here are the step out directions for Uncorked by Adele Bruno