Monday, November 24, 2014

Gratitude on a String

This weeks Tickled to Tangle, It's a String Thing #67 required 3 things we are grateful for to be written in the string line in honor of Thanksgiving.

I drew out the string line and promptly wrote, Family, Health, and Home. These are things I am extremely thankful for all the time.  I drew the tile using the tangles, Crescent Moon and Cornerz.  Then I started thinking......

I thought about what I was really grateful for today.  Of course, as I said, I am always grateful for Family and Friends, my Health, my Home, etc.; but today I am grateful that I have the opportunity to pursue my interest and passion in art, the time to do so, and the means to explore with a variety of materials.

I love art.  I love creating.  If I couldn't create in some way, I would not be whole.  I am not really accomplished in any area of art, but I enjoy doing it immensely. I have been sewing for years, I love to paint furniture and create something new out of "stuff".  I was opened to drawing through Zentangle and I recently started crafting in glass.   I find a satisfaction in creating that I have never found any where else.  When I am upset, sad, or energized, creating gives me a sense of peace, accomplishment, and completion.

There isn't a day that goes by that I don't create something.  Yes, I am very grateful for Opportunities, Accessibility, and Means.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.  I wish that you find your "happy place" like I have in art.