Sunday, September 27, 2015

stained glass window next steps

Now that the window design is drawn to size, I lay another sheet of paper on top and carefully trace every line using a new Sharpie pen.
I need to exact copies of the design -- on for cutting and one for a building blueprint.

Before cutting out the pattern pieces, I numbered each piece exactly the same on both pattern sheets.  I drew with a new Sharpie pen because the width of this pen is the width of the lead came that fits between the glass and holds it together.

When cutting out each piece, do so very carefully eliminating the black line entirely.  This usually means every piece is cut individually.  Check the cut pieces with the piece on the building blueprint to make sure it is the same size and fits inside the black lines.

The pattern is numbered, cut, and matched.  I am ready to pick out glass.

This picture shows the patterns are flipped because I am making two identical windows on either side of my front door.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Building a Stained Glass Window...... Step 2

After the initial design is decided, a more accurate pattern needs to be drawn.

I started out by using the measurements and drawing of the initial design.  Then, I got the exact measures of the window and drew that in as the border.  To do this, I subtracted the measurements of the original drawing from the accurate measures of the window opening to find the difference.  Then, I measured that difference (16 cm) from the outside border of the original drawing create a new, more accurate border.
After this, I measured the width of the Zinc came to be used to frame the glass (8cm) and measured this amount from the original border and drew that in.
Then, I extended the design lines out to meet the Zinc came border.

These picture show the 2 additional lines and the design extension.  I apologize for the orientation, but it seems no matter what I do, I cannot get these pictures to post in the north/south orientation.

This was a tedious task for me and took a long time.  Notice the white out lines........

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Making a Stained Glass Window.... from start to finish.

Day 1:

I have decided to challenge myself and make matching stained glass windows for the side lights (windows) on either side of my front door.

I want to share the process with you.

First, I measured the space the windows would cover  (5 3/8" x 62 7/8").  Then I measured and drew out of border.  Then I designed the window.  I ended up doing this process 3 times until I got the design I wanted.

After that, I colored the design the way I wanted the window to look.
That completes the work for day 1.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Color Me Happy!

In between working with stained glass and fusing, I still tangle.

As I mentioned a few days ago, I started coloring some of the pages that I tangled.  It is a great way to get double the pleasure!

Here are a few more pages of tangles and colors.  My next venture will be creating Mandalas to color.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Switching paths

  Over the last several months, I have really gotten into warm glass.  Warm glass, also known as fused glass, is an art using cut glass pieces and a kiln.  I am really enjoying this art and plan to pursue it even further.

First off, I love glass -- the smoothness, vibrant colors, and the amazing art that can be made from it.
About 15 years ago, I took a glass blowing class at Jacksonville University.  This was amazing and very difficult.  I admire all glass blowers.  In my opinion, to be able to manipulate molten glass with your breath and movement of the rod is really a testament of artistic and engineering ability.

Glass blowing led to glass fusing.  I am a very tactile person and found that it was easier and more satisfying for me to be able to manipulate the glass with my hands.  I took a class in glass fusing and it sealed the deal.
That was about 13 years ago.

In the meantime, I taught school and created in other ways.  But, I always wanted to get back to glass fusing somehow.  When I retired, I purchased a kiln with a bonus I received from teaching in an "A" school in Florida.  The kiln sat in my garage for a good 7-8 months before I finally got around to firing it up.  I was a little nervous because I really didn't know what I was doing.

During those 7-8 months, I took stained glass classes.  I like creating with stained glass,which is cut and assembled with lead came to make a design.  I love creating with stained glass as well.  I still go to weekly classes and love it.  While there, the studio offered a 2 day fused glass class and I jumped on it!  I learned enough to fire my kiln and give it a shot.  I haven't turned the kiln off since.

Here a a few of the items I have made:

Friday, September 4, 2015

Double Zen!

A few weeks ago, I had surgery on my nose.  My recovery was slow and painful.  I virtually stayed in my recliner for one full week.

During that time, I really became bored and antsy.  I couldn't get up and do much and I would only be awake about 2-3 hours at a time.  

I have a small notebook I had made called, "Time to Zen Out!".  It has twelve pre-strung 3.5x3.5 tiles drawn in it and several blank pages.  It also contains 12 patterns with the step out directions.  The paper is a good Bristol vellum. It is a great little tool for beginning students.

At any rate, I tangled all the pre-strung tiles and tangled a couple of the blank pages.  Now what?

 I decided I was going to color them.  This is a big craze now, so I wanted to see what it was all about.

The result:  DOUBLE ZEN!  Once while drawing and then again while coloring.

Try it yourself.
Here is one design.

Unfortunately, the photos didn't come out well.  
I have literally hundreds of tangled pages that I am going to go back and color.  I may make a copy of them and color the copy because I like the black and white version--especially with shading.  I will post some as I finish them.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

On the Road Again!

After a few months of down time and "takin' care if business", I am eager to start blogging again.

To start, CZT Adele Bruno's "It's a String Thing #108" on her blogspot, Tickled to Tangle is all about me this week!  Check it out!  

Adele is a friend of mine.  She called last night and asked me what my 3 favorite grid based patterns were.  OK, I thought.  My 3 favorite are her pattern, Lanie; Cubine by Maria Thomas, and Chemestry by CZT MaryAnn Scheblein-Dawson.  I really enjoy drawing these grid based patterns.  

Then she explained to me that she was using one of my strings for her challenge this week and wanted to include my favorite grid based patterns!  I also like Primtemps by Maria Thomas very much, but it isn't grid based.  She included it anyway.  I wish her well on this week's entries.  Thank you, Adele, for thinking of me.

This is the tile I entered into the challenge.  Notice it is mounted on one of Adele's frames!  These are the coolest way to show your Zentangle work.  Check them out on her blog.

Happy Tangling!