Wednesday, August 27, 2014


I have mentioned many times how much I love the beach and sea life.  Many of the patterns I have designed come from this love.
One pattern I created is called Konk because I fashioned it after a conch shell.  Here is a picture of my inspiration, a tile using Konk and the step out directions below.  I hope you enjoy it!


This week's "It's a String Thing" is a monotangle using Striping.  I love working with stripes and have really been into coloring this week.  I enjoyed working on this challenge.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

In the mood

Today, I worked on a 4 tile ensemble. I really enjoyed the time spent on it. I started with Knightsbridge in the center and just worked out as ideas came. I like the way it came out.

Remember my contribution to It's a String Thing using Rosewood and Paradox. Well, I did complete another tile today. Actually, this is one I started and didn't like the way it was coming out, so I set it aside. Today, I just started color in the tile and this is what I ended up with.

Finally, I drew some Bronx Cheer. This tile goes back to my days as a Floral Designer.

Enjoy your day. It's Tangle Time!

Monday, August 25, 2014


Well, I had my first Zentangle class scheduled today. When I got to the location the class was going to be held, the door was locked. I thought, "OK, I am 45 minutes early, somebody will be here in a minute to open up." NOPE! No one came - except my students. I couldn't believe that I was starting out like this.

The participants agreed to try again on the next scheduled date. I finally got in touch with the director of the studio and arranged to get my own key. We will be all set next time. Thank you ladies for being so understanding and cooperative.

In the meantime, I came home and worked on a stained glass window I started in April. I did finish it. Now, all I need to do is hang it in the window.

After that, I did a watercolor wash for a Zentangle Inspired Art idea I have. I love working with sea life, so naturally, the background is in shades of blue. I put some shells, dried starfish, etc. on the wet paper to see if it will dry with the impressions of the items. I love playing around with things I have never done. There are no expectations which make the process even more fun.

Stay tuned for more!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

It's a String Thing #54

This week,  the  Tickled to Tangle  challenge included 4 patterns, one of which is Rosewood by  Sandra Strait.  This pattern is shown drawn in a square, but there were only triangles in the string..   Adele Bruno said it could be done in a triangle, too, so I decided to try it.  Now, I don't draw very straight consistant lines (my excuse is degenerative arthritist in my thumbs. --sounds legit, right?) so Rosewood doesn't look great when drawn be me -- even in a square.   Well, after a couple attempts at Rosewood in a triangle, I switched to Rick's  Paradox to finish the tile.  I was not really thrilled with the drawing, so I added perfs around the border.  Then in true ZEN fashion, I kept addind perfs going into the string.  Maybe I was subconsciously trying to cover up the drawing.
Well, here it is,

I may give this challenge another go when I get a moment.  If so, I post what I come up with the 2nd time.
Enjoy...It's Tangle Time!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Technology is going to be the death of me yet!

First off, I had to take my laptop to the doctor.  Seems some nasty Malware decide to infect it.
If the pages, links,etc. of my blog have been acting up, that is more than likely the reason why.

I have put together 2 books of pattern step outs.  I would like to post them and offer them for sale in both printed and PDF form, but I can't seem to get an internet "shopping cart" to cooperate.

I am not computer illiterate, but I hate ---and I mean HATE doing anything on it that is technical -except for maybe PrintShop in a limited way.  I can type, add files and pictures, change fonts, etc,; but when it comes to setting up blog pages, facebook pages, blah,blah,blah.... I have the patience of a cat.  I would rather be tangling , sewing, swimming, napping, reading, walking my dog, painting... did I say napping?  I am certain you get the picture.  I just want someone to sit with me and walk me through it.  Or better yet, do it for me.

Tomorrow, I am taking a beach day.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

It's a String Thing #53

In this week 's It's a String Thing challenge from Tickled To Tangle I used on two tangles in my drawings: Onomato and Pokeleaf. I drew virtually the same design in both tiles with the tangles reversed. In the second one, where Pokeleaf is on the string line, it reminds me of my previous occupation. Read on to find out more.

I was a floral designer specializing in weddings and large parties. This tile looks like some of the bridal bouquets I would make. Yes, I have even included "bubbles" in the bouquet. When I first started, all the bouquets were hand wired and built one flower at a time. Every piece was wired and taped. The bouquets would weigh a ton, but they were beautiful. The wiring and hand building allowed for more depth and movement than the bouquets made today in the plastic holders. Of course, the bouquets of old had a very short life span compared to those arranged in wet oasis.

I loved this line of work. Flowers are so beautiful and fun to work with. I love the immediacy of the work. In the 70's and early 80's, I would have to be at work until midnight the day before the wedding and come in before sunrise the day of the wedding to complete it because once in a bouquet, the flowers did not have a water source. All the bouquets were made this way including the corsages. Once the plastic holders came out, we could assemble the bouquets a couple of days early and keep them in the refrigerator. It made life easier, but took away the excitement -- I think!

Working with flowers is like working with a large paint pallet and a variety of paint types. Every arrangement, bouquet, etc. was a work of art created by the designer. I started out in New Orleans and was fortunate to design large arrangements, bouquets, float decor, etc. for Mardi Gras. It was awesome.

Things are a little bit different today. Flowers are more readily available and much less expensive than they were when only florists carried them.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Purely Zentangle

When I first started practicing the Zentangle Method, I was so relaxed and calm. I would sit and draw tangles for 2 or 3 hours a day -- just draw. Then I started noticing social media with the Zentangle theme. I learned so much from seeing others work and reading about their methods of mixed media. I tried everything and had a blast doing it.

 I started comparing my work to others. My lines wouldn't be straight enough, the space between the aura and tangle wouldn't be consistent..... on and on and on. I soon realized that I had lost the peacefulness of Zentangle and didn't enjoy the process much any more.

There is a reason the Zentangle Method emphasises "there are no mistakes". Zentangle is a personal art and the art created is personal to the creator. I also realized that I needed to stop being so critical or comparative of my creations and start enjoying the process again.

I have returned to the practice of pure Zentangle -- soft, meditative music, comfortable environment, a tile, pen, pencil and 30 to 60 minutes of uninterrupted time. Pure rejuvenation!

When I feel the mood strike, I get out the watercolors and colored pencils and have a little fun,too.

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

It's a String Thing Birthday

This week's It's a String Thing focuses on its 1st birthday. CZT, Adele Bruno, designed the string and listed the tangles that could be used. The tangles included A-Fog, Lotus Pods, Meringue, Roscoe, and Kitl. I used Meringue, A-fog, and Lotus Pods. This is a fun challenge that Adele puts out on her website, Tickled to Tangle, weekly. Thanks Adele.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Classes start August 25

Starting August 25, I will be teaching the Zentangle Method at the Beaches Art Studio located at the pier of St. Augustine Beach.

Created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, the Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns.

Anyone and everyone can learn to tangle!

Zentangle reduces stress, improves concentration and focus, develops hand coordination which improves writing, and is FUN to do!

Check out the class schedule in the "Classes"tab, then register for a class using the form under "Class Registration".

Hope to see you there!


That's August in Florida. It is very humid as well. The weather is sticky with thunderstorms every afternoon. Sometimes, I like the thunderstorms. If they aren't too violent, I will sit on my porch and watch the show. I live on the ocean, so the lightening can be very impressive.

I got my H2O water colors out and painted a sheet of 300 lb. cotton rag. I saturated the colors to represent the colors in the sky at sunset. Then I added some tangles in white. The center tangle is ING the new tangle by Molly at It looks like the lightening in the evening sky. This paper is rough and difficult to draw on, but I love the way it takes the paint. Unfortunately, you cannot see the mica reflections in the colors as a photo.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


My grandchildren are gone and the house seems empty. Andrew is 10 months and Orin is 5. They were so much fun to have around. Although, I have to admit, I am exhausted!

The first thing I did, after de-childproofing the house so I could plug in the lamp, was to sit down and tangle. I completed two tiles using It's a String Thing #51 and the Diva challenge #178 as my inspiration. I drew them on the same page of my sketch book. What a relaxing exercise --- just what "the doctor ordered"!

It;s a String Thing #51 and Diva Challenge #178 (first tile). The Diva Challenge was a duotangle using tangles that begin with my intials "JD". I used Drangonair- one of my favorites by Norma Burnell, CZT and Jemz by Margaret Bremner in this tile.

It's a String Thing #51
Facets by Nancy Pinke, CZT, Fancy Nancy by Adele Bruno, CZT, and Fandango by Vicki Bassett

It's a String Thing #51 and Diva Challenge #178 (second tile). I used Dragonair and Jalousie by Stephanie Kukla in this tile.

The latest tiles

These three tiles were completed for It's a String Thing #50.  I am babysitting my 10 month old grandson while his parents are on a cruise.  Zentangle is very difficult to accomplish with an infant around!  I kept making "unintentional" lines!  After "creating" something new, I would start another tile.  I finally ended up with the one I submitted for the challenge.