Friday, November 21, 2014

CZT Tangle Day at the Beach!

On Wednesday, a few of us got together for lunch and tangling at my house in St. Augustine.  Lunch was delicious, the conversation was fun and inspiring, the tangling was minimal (it's hard to tangle when talking!), and the comradery was comforting, supportive, and encouraging.

CZTs Tracey Lyon, Joan Delony, Carolyn Russell, Sindy P., and Adele Bruno.  Not shown: Dorian Eng, who also joined us after the picture was taken.

The others tangled a very special tile for me which Adele had created and drawn the string on each tile.  I now have 5 very distinct, beautiful tiles of my home address.  My husband wants to frame them to hang in my home.

It is so special when friends of like minds or interests gather.  This was definitely a day to remember.  Thank you all for sharing.