Sunday, October 5, 2014

It's a String Thing #60

I just returned from babysitting my two grandchildren (ages 6 and 1) in

St. Petersburg, FL for 5 days. I know why God takes away your childbearing capabilities as you age. It goes along with your energy.

Of course, I relished the time I had with the boys and we got along grand once I figured out that I could put the 1 year old down for the night at 6:30 and the 6 year old at 7:30. I was in bed and asleep by 8:30.

As the deadline approached for It’s a String Thing tiles, I sat down to draw when I got home. My tile ended up looking like fireworks! Do you think this is a subliminal message? Although I loved my time with my grandchildren, I was delighted to be home.

Here is my tile for this week

The tangles to choose from were: Xplode, Xav, Xeni, and X using string 61.  I chose to use Xplode and with a touch of Xav and AHH.

Check out Adele Bruno's Tips for Tangling on her blog Tickled to Tangle,
Happy Tangling!