Friday, October 10, 2014

Zentangle on Glass

This is where all my passions come together. After 60+ hours work, I finally finished the stained glass window I have been working on. This is my 3rd stained glass piece and my first leaded window.

I still need to get it framed before I hang it in the window.

The process:

I drew the ZIA first. I drew it the size I wanted it. Then, Sister Diane (my glass teacher) drew up this scene incorporating all the pieces. I had a silk screen burned then printed (screened) the designs onto pieces of stained glass. After drying, the glass was fired, then shaded with glass paint and fired again. I cut all the glass pieces, fit them to the pattern & ground the edges smooth. Finally the leading started. You work in one corner up and out until it is complete. After all the lead came is in place it has to be soldered front and back. Then the solder and glass are sealed with glass cement and buffed.

The process and experience was an incredible journey. Fortunately, Sister Diane helped me out a lot when my frustration levels rose to unhealthy limits. I understand and appreciate the costs of stained glass windows a lot more now that I know what goes into making them.