Sunday, September 28, 2014

A great day tangling with friends

Yesterday, 3 of my CZT friends, Carolyn Russell and Sindy Levine, (Adele Bruno couldn't make it) from the Longwood/ Altamonte Springs area and Tracey Lyon from the Daytona area, joined me to take a class from fellow CZT, Dorian Eng in Jacksonville, FL.  We had a great time. 

First, Dorian taught us how to make a Zendala string using a template slightly smaller than the Zendala tile, then led us through the tangling steps.  Thanks, Dorian, I learned a lot.
Then, Dorian taught us how to make her famous pillow box out of Zendala tiles.  It stays together without glue.  So cool.  

 Before we got together, Dorian divided a Zendala tile into 6 sections and we rotated it among us, each tangling one section.  Her husband, Doug, photographed the finished tile and she made copies to give everyone in the class.  Here it is.
We had a great time and plan to get together with as many CZTs from Florida as possible to spend time tangling in the near future.

Look for more info!