Tuesday, July 1, 2014


While working on the book of tangles I am compiling (look for Tangle Time coming soon), I practice, practice, and practice drawing tangles.  Sometimes they get better and sometimes the more I draw them the wackier they get!  I attribute it to artistic style.  Because this book is intended as a reference to tangles and their step outs, I try to draw them as represented by the creator of the tangle.  Sometimes, I just can't draw a tangle to look exactly like the creator drew it.  My eyes don 't see the lines the same way, I guess.  I think that is true for all tanglers.  As artist (in our own rights), we should be able to practice with creative license - right?  I hope so because I have a tendancy to do so.
Sometimes, though, I try to "follow the rules" and draw as directed in the step outs.  Most of the time, this just causes frustration.  Zentangle is not about frustration.  So, I will draw in my own style and enjoy the process.