Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I am new to the blog world.  I am diligently working on my blog site and learning every day.  Being of the "older" crowd, technology doesn't come as easily to me as it does for those that are younger.  I am consistently hitting the wrong key and end up taking a trip into cyberspace.  I know cyberspace pretty well by now.  Unfortunately, I never return to a place I have been before -- kind of like Star Trek.  Yes, I grew up with the "original" Star Trek television series.

However, I am driving to Altamonte Springs on Friday to visit my friend and fellow CZT, Adele Bruno to work on my blog.  Adele is going to show me all the ins and outs of blogworld.  Her blog is  Check it out.

Another blog that I have really enjoyed reading this week is Sandy Steen Bartholomew's Beez in the Belfry (  Sandy is at Comic Camp which I am learning is an interesting world.