Saturday, December 10, 2016

Tuning up my Tangling

It has been a good year since I sat down and tangled; but 3 months ago, I picked up my pen again and have been drawing daily since.  I even went to ZenAgain in November to rejuvenate my enthusiasm for all things Zentangle.  What a great experience that was!

While at ZenAgain, Rick and Maria introduced new tiles to the Zentangle line of products.  They are 3.5" equilateral triangles called "3Z".  I have really enjoyed tangling on them.  They are made of the same quality paper and fit perfectly with the original tiles.  Go to to purchase these new tiles.

For the past 7 days, Zentangle,com has showcaseds a differnt tangle on the 3Z tiles.  Day 1 was Tripoli.  Here is my example.
I finished the tile off with some Tipple, my "go to" tangle.

On day 2, they featured Diva Dance
Again, I added some Tipple.

Day 3 featured Shattuck
as the 12 days of 3Z evolves, all previous tangles can be added to the tiles.

Day 4 featured Marasu
I did two tiles for Marasu.  The first one, I didn't like the way I drew Marasu.  I thought it was tooo narrow to really show the tangle.  So, I drew a second tile and drew the tangle larger.

This is the first tile.  Notice I added some Tripoli in this drawing, along with my standard Tipple.
Here is the 2nd tile.  I added Diva Dance and Tipple to Marasu to complete this tile.  

Day 5, it starts to get interesting.  The featured tangle is Tipple (finally), but with a twist.
Rick and Maria drew it in brown ink with gold accents.

I added some Tripoli to this tile.  I like the color variation.

Day 6 featured Molygon
Notice the detail now.  I love how to tiles have evolved over the 6 day period.  I included the gold Tipple, Diva Dance, and Marasu in this tile.

Finally, day 7 brought Knightsbridge

withs Shattuck, Marasu and a gold Tippled Molygon.

I am drawing these tiles in my journal.  I wish I had started them on the individual tiles so I could have a mosaic of drawings once finished.

I look forward to what the next 5 days bring.  I will post them here as they come about. In the meantime, check out the Blog on
Happy Tangling!