Friday, December 16, 2016

The final days of 3Zs

I finished off the final days of 3Zs by
 Day 8 brought us Pokeleaf.  I always get Pokeleaf and Pokeroot confused.  Pokeroot is round and Pokeleaf is ...well.. a leaf!  Not sure where the confusion comes from.

I drew 2 tiles using Pokeleaf.
I like the way the 2nd one came out better than the first.

On day 9, We drew Auraknots.  I added Pokeleaf, Diva Dance, Knightsbridge and Golden Tipple

Day 10 introduced a new tangle: Drawings.  I learned to draw this tangle at ZenAgain in November.  I love drawing Drawings.  It is so graceful and fluid.

Here is square tile with Drawings.

Day 11 brought us another new tangle: Icanthis.  I like this new tangle as much as I like Drawings.
Icanthis is drawn with Marasu and Tipple
And finally, day 12 gave us Crasy Huggins, a twist on Huggins.

Lastly, I drew one large (combination of three 3Z tiles) drawing with 9 of the 12 featured tangles of the 12 Days of 3Zs from the blog