Thursday, September 17, 2015

Switching paths

  Over the last several months, I have really gotten into warm glass.  Warm glass, also known as fused glass, is an art using cut glass pieces and a kiln.  I am really enjoying this art and plan to pursue it even further.

First off, I love glass -- the smoothness, vibrant colors, and the amazing art that can be made from it.
About 15 years ago, I took a glass blowing class at Jacksonville University.  This was amazing and very difficult.  I admire all glass blowers.  In my opinion, to be able to manipulate molten glass with your breath and movement of the rod is really a testament of artistic and engineering ability.

Glass blowing led to glass fusing.  I am a very tactile person and found that it was easier and more satisfying for me to be able to manipulate the glass with my hands.  I took a class in glass fusing and it sealed the deal.
That was about 13 years ago.

In the meantime, I taught school and created in other ways.  But, I always wanted to get back to glass fusing somehow.  When I retired, I purchased a kiln with a bonus I received from teaching in an "A" school in Florida.  The kiln sat in my garage for a good 7-8 months before I finally got around to firing it up.  I was a little nervous because I really didn't know what I was doing.

During those 7-8 months, I took stained glass classes.  I like creating with stained glass,which is cut and assembled with lead came to make a design.  I love creating with stained glass as well.  I still go to weekly classes and love it.  While there, the studio offered a 2 day fused glass class and I jumped on it!  I learned enough to fire my kiln and give it a shot.  I haven't turned the kiln off since.

Here a a few of the items I have made: