Sunday, September 27, 2015

stained glass window next steps

Now that the window design is drawn to size, I lay another sheet of paper on top and carefully trace every line using a new Sharpie pen.
I need to exact copies of the design -- on for cutting and one for a building blueprint.

Before cutting out the pattern pieces, I numbered each piece exactly the same on both pattern sheets.  I drew with a new Sharpie pen because the width of this pen is the width of the lead came that fits between the glass and holds it together.

When cutting out each piece, do so very carefully eliminating the black line entirely.  This usually means every piece is cut individually.  Check the cut pieces with the piece on the building blueprint to make sure it is the same size and fits inside the black lines.

The pattern is numbered, cut, and matched.  I am ready to pick out glass.

This picture shows the patterns are flipped because I am making two identical windows on either side of my front door.