Friday, January 9, 2015

Tangled steps

I found a pair of white Keds on sale and immediately took my Identipens to them.
I decided to add color to this pair -- just for the fun of it.

People are funny.  When I wear them, I either get oohs and ahhs or "those look fun" or I get nothing!  I wonder if those that don't say anything notice them and think "OMG! what has she done??". I am of the senior variety, so without understanding the origin or reasoning, this would be an acceptable thought!   Or maybe they aren't noticed.  I don't care.  I enjoy wearing them and they are comfortable.

Try this, it is fun.  I used the Sakura Identipens which are permanent and color safe.  I have washed a pair of black and white tangled shoes and they come out great.  I haven't washed these yet, but don't fear doing so.

I tried to rotate these pictures, but everytime I pasted them here, they returned to this orientation.