Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Art Journaling

Recently, I joined a facebook group to do art journaling.  We get a journal prompt with an activity weekly.  I have several journals, but they contain Zentangle drawings.
I love to play with art supplies.  My background as an elementary teacher always had me using tempera paints, Crayola markers and colored pencils, but I was totally unaware of the wonderful world of art materials.  I marvel at the choices available and have spent a fortune trying many of them out.  What a difference quality makes!
However, just because I try them out, I don't necessary know how to use them to get their best results.  So, I am in a learning phase and art journaling is taking me on this journey.

This entry was created with a "snowflake" pattern made out of my first name initial, lower case "j".  On the left, I colored it in with watercolor pencils, and I tangled the pattern on the right.

In the next entry, we were to do something we aren't entirely comfortable with.  I love word art, but am not very good at calligraphy, so I did some word art.  The page is watercolored and collaged with a ZIA I had in another journal.
 Try it!  It's fun.