Wednesday, December 10, 2014

In the round.

This week in It's a String Thing,  we were to use two tangles: Verdigogh by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas and Pauline's Pigtail by Adele Bruno.  I like both tangles, but they are very similar.
I started out by trying to draw Verdigogh on a spiral with Pauline's Pigtail in the center of the spiral.  I couldn't get it to work out well, though.  I will try again later.
After that didn't work out so great, I tried something else.  I also wanted to use the nice quality paper of Zentangle tiles.  Unfortunately, I didn't have any tiles on hand.  I did have a Zendala tile, so I used that.
Below is the drawing:
  I added Ennies around the edge to add finishing touches.  I drew Verdigogh then topped it off with Pauline's Pig Tail.

I added some color to give it a festive flair.


Finally, I added some red ribbon to tie the tangles together.

OK.  A few days later:  I played around with these two tangles once more.  This is my result:

Merry Christmas and Happy Tangling!