Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Dancing on the Rooftops

When I was teaching 4th grade at an inner city ESOL school, our class sang a song called, "Dancing on the Rooftops" for the 4th grade Holiday Show.  It was about Santa and his reindeer landing on the roofs of houses and all the commotion it created -- in a jolly sort of way.  Most of the children spoke very limited English, but the learned the words and the dance steps that went with it.

When It's a String Thing #69 came out, I didn't think about Santa or reindeer--- until I drew the last little bit on this tile.
 The pattern on the left is called Snowzags by Lori Howe.  I had no intentions of drawing it like this, but this is how it came out and I really like it! I immediately thought of "Dancing on the Rooftops"!  It's funny what triggers memories.

Well, then I got inspired and thought I would draw the string again only this time I would do more Snowzags in the same style.  This is how it came out..

This is just plain fun, in my opinion!  But it doesn't look like rooftops anymore.  The other patterns are Screen by CZT Margaret Bremner and Sooflowers by Livia Chua.

The funny thing about this challenge is that included one of my favorite tangles,  Sand Swirl by Kerry Heun.  I couldn't wait to draw it.  Notice that Sand Swirl is not in either tile!

Happy Tangling!