Wednesday, October 7, 2015

3 days of pure fun!

Over this past weekend, I spent three days fusing glass under the tutelage of Master Glass Artist, Wesley Wong.  It was incredible.  I learned so much about fusing, materials, glass properties, etc.  

The focus of the 3 days was fusing 3D objects.  When glass is fused together, it is brought up to 1500-1700 degrees in a kiln where the glass pieces melt into one "fused" piece.  So fusing dimension into glass objects is a little tricky. 

On day one, we made a lily pad and a separate 3D dragonfly.  I am not used to cutting such small pieces!  I like the way it turned out.  Although the picture doesn't show it well, the wings are raised up from the body as if in flight.

On the second day, we made butterflies.  Again the wings are raised.

On the third day, we made gold fish and a 3D tile.  This was the most interesting day to me because I have been fusing tropical fish at home lately. I learned so much.  The fins are all fused at different levels and positions giving the glass movement.  I really like the way the eye turned out too.

In the tile, the seaweed is fused at different levels to give movement and perspective.  The fish is 3D as well.  Check out those lips.  Yep, I got teased about that!

Thanks, Wesley for a great learning experience.