Friday, February 6, 2015

Hearts, again!

I drew a couple more tiles and a zendala based on the heart theme.
The first one is drawn on watercolor paper that has been painted with H2O water colors using the saran wrap technique to give it the texture.  I love using these water colors with saran wrap.  Although you can't really tell here, when saran wrap is placed on the red paint and allowed to dry, it picks up the red and leaves the gold mica.  
I tried shading with pencil, but I don't really like the way the paper piled when I used the blending stump.  Maybe shading with a color pencil would have worked better.

In this week's " It's a String Thing,"  I drew two tiles.  I really varied the patterns this week, but I like the results.

 Finally, I drew a Zendala with a heart theme.  I used a prestrung Zendala tile loosely.  In other words, I didn't draw inside the string.  I really enjoy drawing mandalas.

 Happy Valentine's day everyone!