Wednesday, August 20, 2014

It's a String Thing #54

This week,  the  Tickled to Tangle  challenge included 4 patterns, one of which is Rosewood by  Sandra Strait.  This pattern is shown drawn in a square, but there were only triangles in the string..   Adele Bruno said it could be done in a triangle, too, so I decided to try it.  Now, I don't draw very straight consistant lines (my excuse is degenerative arthritist in my thumbs. --sounds legit, right?) so Rosewood doesn't look great when drawn be me -- even in a square.   Well, after a couple attempts at Rosewood in a triangle, I switched to Rick's  Paradox to finish the tile.  I was not really thrilled with the drawing, so I added perfs around the border.  Then in true ZEN fashion, I kept addind perfs going into the string.  Maybe I was subconsciously trying to cover up the drawing.
Well, here it is,

I may give this challenge another go when I get a moment.  If so, I post what I come up with the 2nd time.
Enjoy...It's Tangle Time!