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  The idea for 2 the Point came from a mirror frame in a decorating magazine.  I like it because there are numerous ways you can fill in the diamonds to create several different looks.

This pattern was inspired by sea urchins I find as I walk along the beach.  I am amazed at some of the intact delicate sea urchins I find nestled among broken shells.  I have found sea urchins as small as a dime and as large as a half dollar.  These urchins are mostly cream colored with tan or very light brown markings.

I was working in the house one day and got chilled.  I rubbed my arms to warm up and felt goosebumps.  I sat down right then and drew out this pattern.  It has possibilities as a filler.  It could also be Hershey's chocolate kisses.

This pattern was inspired by the clear jellyfish (or jellies -- which aren't a fish at all) the float in the ocean and sometimes wash ashore.  They are usually about 3" in diameter and clear.  I think the stippling gives the effect of movement and roundness. It also softens the shape to look more like jelly.

This pattern Konk is represented on a blog page.  I have several Conch shells in the house and noticed how the spiral top telescopes out of the shell body in the shape of a star.

Once again, as I walk the beach, I am often fascinated by the patterns the sand makes as the tide is going out.  It kind of ripples.  The pattern came from those observations.  Low Tide works very well as a background.

Moonpie is fashioned after the Moon jellyfish.  One day, I found hundreds of Moon jellyfish washed up on shore.  They were all sizes from 6" to 14" in diameter.  The Moon jellyfish is clear except for the 4 colored loops in the center of the otherwise clear body.  Sometimes, you can see the very small, fine intestines trail off from them.  The female Moon jellyfish have pink loops and the male has white loops.  The Moon jelly has a pretty painful sting, but rarely harms humans.

Square Dance came about from a cross stitch sampler I saw.  I actually make 3 versions from these same elements.  It looks nice as a filler or background.

S'wheat was created from the inspiration of Sea Oats.  As I played around with it, the pattern came out looking like a cross between sea oats and wheat - thus the name.  I like to combine S'wheat with Florz using S'wheat on the string line.

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